Host Intrusion and Detection System


Host Intrusion and Detection System (HIDS)

WhizHack HIDS solution uses advanced analytics, machine learning, and rule-based algorithms to detect anomalies, patterns, and potential threats in the collected data. The system generates alerts or notifications when it detects suspicious activities that may require immediate attention or investigation. It has a remediation module that can quarantine the infected host using a firewall.

About HIDS

Host Intrusion and Detection System

The main benefits include enhanced visibility into an organization's security posture, improved Incident detection and response capabilities, compliance with security regulations, and the ability to track and analyze security incidents over time for continuous improvement. It has been designed to collect event data from various sources like endpoints, network devices, cloud workloads, and applications for broader security coverage. By providing a centralized and holistic view of an organization's security landscape, WhizHack HIDS helps organizations identify and mitigate security risks effectively.

Main Features of HIDS


Ransomware Detection

Protects hosts from ransomware attacks by constantly monitoring file integrity inside a host. Once a ransomware attack is detected using its in built file integrity monitoring module, WhizHack-HIDS remediation module can be used to isolate the host from the network thereby isolating the infected host thereby reducing the amount of damage.


Vulnerability Detection

Identify vulnerabilities present in monitored endpoints utilizing the WhizHack agent deployment. WhizHack HIDS gives priority to these detected vulnerabilities, streamlining your decision-making and remediation efforts. With WhizHack-HIDS's powerful vulnerability detection capability, you can ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and effectively shrink your attack surface.


Security log analysis

WhizHack-HIDS offers continuous monitoring and auditing of endpoint activity to ensure infrastructure security and regulatory compliance. It consolidates security event data, aiding in the detection of anomalies and potential breaches. By providing contextual details in alerts, it speeds up investigations and reduces response times.


Security Configuration Assessment (SCA)

Utilize WhizHack-HIDS's SCA feature to detect misconfigurations and security weaknesses within your infrastructure. The system conducts scans based on the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmark, enabling you to pinpoint and address vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and deviations from industry best practices and security standards.


Regulatory Compliance

Streamline the fulfillment of regulatory compliance obligations with WhizHack-HIDS. The platform facilitates tracking and validation of compliance across diverse regulatory frameworks like PCI DSS, NIST 800-53, GDPR, TSC SOC2, and HIPAA, making the process more efficient and manageable.


Alerting and Notification

WhizHack-HIDS delivers real-time alerts by correlating data from various sources and integrating threat feeds. It offers customizable dashboards and alerts, empowering swift threat response and effective incident mitigation, including host isolation through its built-in Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response module.


Reporting insights from HIDS events

Create completely customized and informative reports offering in-depth analysis of security events with WhizHack-HIDS. The platform empowers you to generate comprehensive, tailored information that aligns precisely with your specific requirements.