Network Intrusion and Detection System


Network Intrusion and Detection System(NIDS)

It is an active response solution which is designed to alter the flow of network traffic based on threat detection. It has been designed to monitor network traffic for suspicious or malicious activities and to prevent unauthorized access, attacks, and intrusions on a computer network.

About NIDS

Network Intrusion Detection System

The system has been designed in such a way that it harnesses and augment the potentials of the signature-based technologies with new technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on live traffic making it one of the fastest threat detection and remediation platform in the world. It has the provision to integrate with various commercial and opensource SOAR to take remedial action. WhizHack has been collecting real-time attack data for the past one year by deploying their Honeynet Sensors on the public internet. The training datasets thus collected from our won sources and other have been used to train various ML and DL models.



Threat Identification and Alert System

Swiftly detects and alerts organizations to various threats, empowering proactive threat detection.

Incident Response Empowerment

Generates actionable alerts upon detecting security incidents, facilitating thorough incident response actions.

Continuous Real-Time Monitoring

Provides uninterrupted real-time monitoring for prompt threat identification and response, crucial for safeguarding organizational integrity.

Signature-Based Threat Detection

Utilizes signature-based detection to proficiently identify known attack patterns and malware signatures, enhancing threat detection.

Anomaly-Based Detection for Advanced Threats

Employs anomaly-based detection to uncover unknown threats and zero-day vulnerabilities, complementing signature-based methods.

Mitigating Downtime and Data Loss

Mitigates downtime and data loss by swiftly detecting and responding to security threats, preserving organizational continuity.

Enhancing Security Posture and Informed Decision-Making

Enhances overall security posture by providing clarity on the network's security status, aiding informed decision-making and strategic imperatives.


Traffic Monitoring and Live Attack Visualization

Employs DPI for real-time traffic monitoring and features a live attack map for immediate threat insights

Triple-Layer Threat Detection Engine

Uses Signature-based, ML, and DL algorithms to detect known and zero-day threats, minimizing false positives

Behavioral Analysis for Anomaly Detection

Utilizes behavioral analysis to detect abnormal activities, enhancing threat detection

Real-Time Response Capability

Enables real-time response to security incidents, with features like IP blocking and packet dropping

Integration with Third-Party Solutions

Integrates with third-party security software for enhanced threat intelligence and APT detection

Comprehensive Log Analysis

Ensures compliance with regulations through continuous monitoring and auditing of network activity

Instant Alerts and Notification

Provides real-time alerts and customizable dashboards for prompt response to security incidents

Customizable Reporting for Actionable Insights

Offers customizable reporting for in-depth analysis of security events, aiding strategic decision-making


Multi-layer Network Threat Detection Engine

Uses Triple layer Engines of Signature with highly optimized ML and DL based models

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

Uses DPI which examines a larger range of metadata and data connected with each packet the device interfaces with

Zero Day Attack Detection

Potential to detect Zero Day Attacks. It can presently detect more than 23 Classes of Zero Day Attacks

Self-Healing and Auto-Updating Sensors

Threat catching sensors that are not only effective in detecting network threats but also self-healing and auto-updating. This ensures that the ZeroHack - NIDS stays current with the latest threat intelligence and can adapt to new threats automatically, reducing the need for manual intervention


Rapid Incident Response
Can detect and respond to potential security incidents in real-time, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches and other cyber-attacks.
Valuable Insights
Provides organizations with valuable insights into their network infrastructure and helps security teams quickly identify and prioritize security incidents.
Strict Regulatory Compliance
Compliances regarding data security and privacy are met by Z-NIDS by continuous monitoring and threat detection capabilities.
Increased Security Visibility
Security teams can leverage these insights to understand vulnerabilities, identify common attack vectors, and prioritize resources for better overall network security.
Streamlined Security Operations
Can automate some security tasks, such as generating alerts and blocking basic attacks.

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