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Empower your Network Security with TRACE - Revealing Threats Before they Strike

Threat Reconnaissance And Classification Engine

Whizhack's TRACE augmenting endpoint security solutions.

TRACE is a cyber threat Intelligence framework which generates intelligence using decoy technology. The threat data is generated using multiple decoy sensors, which is then aggregated and analyzed at the centralized collector for providing actionable analytics and insights on the characteristics of the attacks detected. It is designed for security analysts and network administrators, helping them to improve the security posture of their networks by providing them threat event logs. The sensors are designed such that they can be placed in the DMZ or in the internal network of an organization and monitor the network activity and generate threat logs when an attack is detected.

2,138 weekly cyber attacks per organization

reported by India in 2023.

15% increase in cyber attacks

in India from 2022.

81.5cr Indian's

Aadhar details leaked in India's ‘biggest’ data breach.



Specially Designed Sensors Capable of Working in IT & Air-Gapped OT Environments

Minimizes attack surface and detects insider attacks and lateral movement in IT as well as critical infrastructures that feature air gapped OT environments.

Domain Specific Cyber Deception Technology for Effective Attack Surface Reduction

Customized deception specific to an organization's domain are provided by TRACE Sensors placed in the organization's public IP pool, thus serving as an early warning system for an approaching attack.

Self Healing Deception So􀈅ware for Reduced Maintenance

Provides the ability to withstand the continuous onslaught of internet-based attacks.

Advanced Morphing Sensor Technology for Evading Honeypot Detection

Intelligent and dynamic provisioning of various deception services is a built-in feature of TRACE Sensors.

State of the Art Deep Packet Inspection Technology for In-depth data analysis

Specialized packet analysis engine inside each TRACE Sensors captures real-time data via deep packet inspection.


Key Benefits


Security teams are alerted as soon as deception assets are accessed, allowing for a prompt response before any damage or loss occurs to real assets. This feature reduces the time it takes to detect attacks.

Deception-based Detection

Deceives intruders in a public or private network to expose their presence. The decoys will act as a an additional layer of security when standard security measures fail to detect the breach.

Actionable deception

Produce alerts that are both reliable and actionable. Deception technology is distinguished by its lack of false positives, enabling IT teams to have confidence that alerts triggered by deception indicates a genuine event and should be given top priority.

Threat Visibility

Provides easy to understand real-time Threat Intelligence Dashboard to enable security teams to obtain a clear understanding of the type and characteristics of an ongoing attack in their system, facilitating the strengthening of other defense measures.

Less than 2 min Response time

Security teams can respond to potential threats before any damage or loss occurs as the system raises a flag as soon as deception assets are accessed, hereby reducing the time taken to detect attacks.

Signature Analysis

Create new signatures to catch even zero-day exploits before they can cause damage once DPI in the sensor data is activated.

Deliver a Threat intelligence Dashboard

Provides security team a clear, real-time view of exactly what is occurring within their environment.

Use Cases

A deception strategy is also a highly effective way to detect insider threats.
Industry-Tailored Deception

Customize sensors for specific industries, like banking or healthcare, to deceive attackers effectively.

Seamless Deception Migration

Reconfigure sensors effortlessly for domain transitions without external support.

Automated Defense

Self-healing sensors withstand attacks and auto-update weekly for continuous protection.

Effortless Updates

Weekly auto-updates relieve organizations from manual update management hassles.

Real-Time Attack Analysis

Deep Packet Inspection captures real-time data for precise attack analysis.

Holistic Threat Insight

Processed honeynet data enables visualization and correlation with DPI insights for comprehensive threat understanding.


decoy technology across multiple sensors.

threat data generation and analysis.

sensors for tailored security solutions.

design with self-healing capabilities.

automatic weekly updates for ongoing relevance.

Deep Packet Inspection engine for real-time data capture.

honeynet data enhances visualization and correlation.

security teams to detect, respond, and mitigate threats effectively.

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