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Comprehensive Managed Security Services For Your OT Infra.


Vendor Risk Assessment

Ensuring cybersecurity in third-party collaborations is crucial to safeguard sensitive data. We offer comprehensive security audits tailored to your business compliance needs. Organizations often share confidential information with vendors, making vendor risk management a vital aspect of security initiatives. Assessing potential risks before entering contracts is essential in vulnerability risk management. Unauthorized access to customer PII through vendor networks poses legal, financial, and reputational threats. To mitigate risks, establish a strategy specifying data sharing, access, storage, destruction, and auditing frequency for each vendor.


Threat Modelling

We offer cybersecurity services, including threat modeling—a structured process that aims to identify security requirements, pinpoint threats and vulnerabilities, quantify their criticality, and prioritize remediation. Our approach involves creating artifacts such as system abstractions, attacker profiles, and threat catalogs. By adopting the perspective of potential malicious hackers, we analyze software architecture and business context to gain a deeper understanding of system aspects. Typically performed during the design stage, our four-step process—Diagram, Identify threats, Mitigate, Validate—helps developers find vulnerabilities and make informed security decisions. Our goal is to assist you in building a sustainable security model for your services.


IoT Device Security

In the realm of cybersecurity, safeguarding Internet of Things (IoT) devices is crucial. As these interconnected devices become integral to daily life, their security is paramount. Organizations embrace IoT for its data capabilities, yet each added device expands the potential attack surface. Our cybersecurity service focuses on securing IoT devices, addressing vulnerabilities often overlooked by manufacturers. We ensure maximum security for your network by assessing devices according to the latest security standards, offering a guarantee of safety.


Vulnerability Assessment

Our cybersecurity service includes vital vulnerability assessments, crucial for pinpointing and prioritizing security weaknesses in network infrastructure, systems, and applications. Leveraging automated tools like network security scanners, we generate detailed vulnerability assessment reports. Regular assessments are imperative as cyber threats evolve, and new vulnerabilities emerge. Our ongoing vulnerability management program addresses technology and user-related issues, such as accidental data exposure, device loss, and malware installation, ensuring a proactive approach to prevent data breaches. Prioritizing and promptly addressing high-risk vulnerabilities is a key focus of our comprehensive service.


Infrastructure security

We offer cybersecurity services specializing in infrastructure security, safeguarding critical systems and assets from both physical and cyber threats. This includes protecting hardware and software assets such as end-user devices, data center resources, networking systems, and cloud resources. As enterprises increasingly rely on digital operations and data-driven decisions, securing technology infrastructure becomes crucial. Our experts conduct thorough security assessments and help establish the necessary security infrastructure, whether on-premises or in the cloud, to protect against a wide range of threats and ensure business continuity.



We offer cybersecurity services, including a Security Operations Center (SOC) with varying staff sizes based on organizational needs. The SOC employs people, processes, and technology to continuously monitor and enhance security, preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cyber threats. Prevention is prioritized, with around-the-clock monitoring to detect and stop malicious activities. Suspicious incidents trigger thorough investigations, where SOC analysts analyze threats, leveraging global threat intelligence for effective triage. In the event of a confirmed incident, the SOC acts as the first responder, isolating endpoints, terminating harmful processes, and initiating recovery efforts such as system restoration and data recovery.

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