Our B2G Training Programs

WhizHack is providing security against some of the most advanced cyber-attacks perpetuated by state actors and cyber criminals in key Govt departments of Centre and States in India. These solutions are developed, deployed and managed end-to-end by its in-house teams. Our highly capable certified service teams are deploying our products and services in India and key countries including US/Canada, Tanzania, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. As a vertically integrated player, WhizHack also empowers Governmental organizations with a range of training across multiple departments that ranges for general awareness to master's programs in Cyber Security.

WhizHack’s partnerships

We are actively involved in delivering our training programs and services across a wide spectrum of sectors, collaborating with esteemed institutions such as Rashtriya Raksha University, the National Power Training Institute, and various governmental entities. Our clientele primarily consists of individuals from the technology industry, including delegates and professionals. To cater to the diverse requirements of our clients, we offer training programs structured into different tiers, ensuring personalized learning experiences tailored to individuals' roles and proficiency levels within the technical domain.

Additionally, we have established partnerships with IIT Jodhpur, IIT Bhubaneshwar, and IIT Madras to seamlessly deliver our training programs.