WhizHack is India’s only vertically integrated cyber security organization that wants to build a completely self-reliant digitally secure India.

Strategic Alliances

Security for Critical Infrastructure with IIT Jodhpur

There has been a surge of 140% in industrial systems. Alarmingly, 40% of US critical infra systems had attacks to shut down critical infra systems. The partnership with IIT Jodhpur aims to enhance cybersecurity for critical infrastructure, specifically in areas of Waterways & Energy.

Security for Critical Infrastructure with IIT Bhubaneshwar

The grid has long faced risks from human-initiated physical threats, and these attacks have escalated in recent times. The Department of Energy reported a staggering 77% surge in physical assaults on the grid in 2022 alone. Over the years, there have been numerous credible threats and potential attacks, highlighting the pressing need for heightened security measures. The collaboration with IIT Bhubaneshwar is geared towards bolstering cybersecurity for critical infrastructure, particularly focusing on the vulnerabilities within Smart Grids.

Embedded Security and Self-Reliance with IIT Madras

State sponsored cyber attacks against India went up by 278% between 2021 and 2023. The collaboration with IIT Madras emphasizes the importance of embedded security and self-reliance in cybersecurity, aligning with national priorities.

Security for Energy Sector with National Power Training Institute (NPTI)

Studies reveal that globally Energy is the most attacked sector with 2000% increase The collaboration with NPTI focuses on training professionals in the energy sector, empowering them to defend their infrastructure assets.

Data Security Council of India

DSCI is Cyber Security Industry body in India under NASSCOM. WhizHack's CoE in DSCI actively collaborates with multiple industry verticals like Defence, Telecom and other Indian product OEMs for building large-scale cyber defence solutions.

National Security with Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU)

India as a country attempts to be 'Self Reliant' in cyber security. WhizHack Technologies' collaboration with RRU is a key step towards building India supply chain in cyber security products, services and trainings to protect country's digital assets.

Strengthening Cybersecurity, Partnership with NIC

We are into collaboration with the National Informatics Centre (NIC) to provide comprehensive training in cybersecurity. As a trusted partner, we leverage our expertise to equip NIC personnel with the latest tools, techniques, and best practices to enhance their capabilities in safeguarding critical digital infrastructure. This initiative underscores our commitment to fostering a secure and resilient cyber ecosystem for government entities, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and the uninterrupted delivery of essential services.

Cert-IN - Our Trusted Product Testing Partner

Cert-IN, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, stands as our esteemed partner in product testing. With their rigorous evaluation processes and expertise in cybersecurity, Cert-IN ensures that our products meet the highest standards of quality and security. Their collaboration plays a vital role in fortifying our commitment to delivering reliable and secure solutions to our customers, instilling confidence in the integrity of our offerings.

Leveraging Microsoft Technology Partnership

Microsoft serves as our trusted technology partner, providing essential services that drive our operations forward. With their innovative solutions and reliable support, we utilize a range of Microsoft services to enhance our productivity, efficiency, and overall performance. From cloud computing to productivity tools and beyond, our collaboration with Microsoft empowers us to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, delivering exceptional value to our customers and stakeholders.